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If you are new to our blog, you may want to start with Beginnings - Part 1 and Part 2 to catch you up to speed on Jackson's arrival on December 11th, 2010 (yup, 12/11/10).

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lake Trip Summer Kick-off

My mom's birthday and father's day were the perfect excuse to pack our things and head south to visit with my parents.

It was a really nice visit...good food, good company, and good times.  Looking forward to making more memories this summer...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

18 months!

Monday, Jackson turned 18 months. 

 And while I know any Mom gets excited for their child to reach certain milestones...and I know that every child does things on their own time (even typically developing ones), I find it even more exciting when Jackson does achieve something new (not that I have anything to compare to).  Adam and I have talked about how odd it'll be to have a typically developing child that will probably do things earlier than Jackson has done. 

Jackson would probably still reach these milestones...eventually...but with the help of PT he is constantly shown how to do the correct positions and movements so that he will one day say "Ok - I got this!" and do it on his own.  Just like he's done with transitioning from laying to sitting and vice versa:

Chris is working really hard with Jackson on pulling himself up and cruising.  And he's getting there... He needs some guidance, but in actuality is pretty good at it.  Sometimes he attempts to do it his own way, which doesn't get him the results he wants and then he gets frustrated.  But he certainly likes playing with his toys from the couch perspective. 

Jackson started clapping the other day too...I've been trying to get this on camera.  He was doing it every day for a while and of course, when I finally try to get a video of it, he has no interest in clapping, but just smiles at me like, "I can do it, I just don't feel like showing you".  This includes waving...he was doing it every day, but we haven't seen it in about a week now.  Perhaps I should blame the nasty bug he caught last week...

We are still working on signing, but really there is only one sign that is most important to him...Eat/Food!  Jackson knows this sign well and while he doesn't sign it himself, he moves my hand (or Adam's) to our mouths when he wants to eat. 


Bedtime rituals
Bath-time continues to be an interesting adventure for Adam and I (mostly Adam as I'm not as comfortable kneeling on the ground and hunching over our bath tub).  It starts with a little bed-rough-housing while the tub fills up.  Jackson really likes to be flipped while on our bed, in fact, he becomes demanding by holding his legs up to me and annoyed when we don't comply with his wishes.  The smiles and giggles are well worth it though...

Jackson got over his fear of the tub, but still hates to have his head washed/wet.  We're talking flail yourself around dangerously kind of hate that would surely result in drowning or a cracked skull if we weren't around to catch him or keep hold of him. 

He is more adventuresome in the tub.  He moves around a bit more and has actually gone from sitting to laying to reach toys (once again...always supervised)!

After bath, I get him lotioned up and pajamas on.  Jackson generally does not like lotion being put on, except he loves for me to lotion his legs/feet.  He'll hold his leg up for me to give him a brief massage and then holds up the next one...but try to lotion his belly, face, arms/hands and the fussing begins.  He's a man that knows what he likes. 

Next comes teeth brushing time...another event that is SLOWLY getting better.  Adam has to restrain him so that I can get the toothbrush in his mouth and get a quick brushing in.  It works better when I sing a song or make a funny noise, but most times its a form of torture for him (I'm just glad he hasn't figured out that I can't do anything if he doesn't open his mouth). 


Chesapeake Group
Sunday we went to our second event with the Chesapeake Down Syndrome Parent Group.  It was a hot and sweaty afternoon, but overall a really nice time.  While Adam and I aren't the "introduce ourselves" type, we appreciated the people who introduced themselves and their little ones to us.  We enjoyed catching up with a few families that we met at the new parent Welcome Social we attended in March and seeing all the changes that have occurred over the last few months. 

Making friends with Addy and Peyton at the picnic!

Happy Peyton!


Today we will be checking in for his 18-month appointment and then Jackson and I will be heading south to visit with my family.  We'll be testing out the new portable DVD player for the drive down, a parent-must-have. 

We're pretty excited that summer is here and are looking forward to a couple of busy months prior to baby brother's arrival...we're talking "bubbles excited"!

Happy summer everyone!