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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Vacation - Part Deux

A week after our trip to the lake we headed down to the Outer Banks for our annual Bennett beach trip.  We were all excited for some time in the sun, sand, and waves and the OBX delivered!  Unfortunately Grayson came down with a cold right before leaving for the beach and passed it on to me, but nothing like a little salt air to flush out your sinuses!

Jackson loved the water again this year.  The water was very cold the first two days, but for the remainder of the week the water was clear and refreshing. 

You won't see many of Grayson in the water because he was absolutely petrified of it.  It took many days of finally getting him to touch the water which was then undone when he would get splashed by a larger wave.  Maybe next year.

Mommy got quite a workout digging in the sand so Grayson could have some playtime. 
He particularly liked it when I dug holes and then he'd fill it in...or slide into them.  Either way, he was happy...and sandy, very sandy.

Jackson got more and more independent as the week got on going straight toward the water.  He wouldn't want your help and would shake your hands off.  I remember running in and out of the surf away from waves as they came in when I was little and Jackson would do the same except crawling most of the time.  Getting wiped out a few times didn't stop him for long!

Hey ladies...

Grayson might not have wanted to get into the water, but he did want you to pick him up and stand close to where the waves would break on the shore.  While he preferred Mommy 90% of the time, he occasionally would allow others to give Mommy a break. 

The Birthday Boy!
Our annual date night to The Blue Point was amazing as usual...and we are grateful for everyone's help getting the boys dinner and down to bed so we could enjoy a few hours to ourselves!
It was windy.
Clouds and rain joined us the last two days of our trip...before the rain came we spent the morning on the beach and attempted to use the parachute with the boys. 
Shell seeking was a go-to when Grayson would get bored of being on the beach.  There usually was a daily beach walk to collect shells and wear out little legs. 

And what's better than rolling around in the sand...

Aunt Lacey hiding your feet!

There they are!

We attempted to get the annual boys picture...someone in the picture was not happy about it. 

Sadly, the best of the pictures of the four of us.

When we weren't at the beach, we spent time at the pool.  Jackson and Grayson did great with their puddle jumpers.  Jackson was Mr. Independent and did NOT want any help.  He did wonderful except he would get mouthfuls of water here and there since he does not have full coordination of his body.  Also...he's starting to use his legs to try to swim, but he's not using his arms.  Baby steps...

Jackson got 4 straight in the hole! 
Jackson has no fear when it comes to the pool...He loved jumping in, the bigger the splash, the better.
Grayson loves jumping in too, but hasn't exactly mastered the skill yet.  He is less trusting that you're going to catch him. 

When the weather was bad on Friday we spent a lot of the afternoon indoors.  And a Wii dance contest added quite a bit of laughter to the afternoon...and Jackson loved watching and participating in the action. At the risk of embarassing my husband and sister/brothers in law, here is a video when I caught them in the act (apparently Jackson got much more into it later, but this will have to do).