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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lake Trip 2015

 Another lake trip in the books.  A few weeks ago we did our annual trip to my parent's house in Palmyra, Va.  The week was sure to be filled with lots of splashing, giggles, tired little ones (and tired parents).  We had perfect weather with only one so-so day where we probably could have squeaked out a few hours on the beach in the afternoon.  Daddy was able to join us for most of the week before having to head out on a business trip...

 The boys enjoyed some art time in between beach trips.  Grayson has continued to ask to paint since we've been home, so I have a growing collecting of paintings that are a mish-mash of colors that only an almost-3 year old and his parents would appreciate (although...at what point are you allowed to toss a few???).

This painting is called "Black".  He is very deep.

 It was great watching the boys interact with each other, "new" toys, and their cousins.  The Cars and Planes characters are still favorites in our house and the grandparents don't disappoint.

Passed out after a busy day...although he woke up seconds after I picked him up and tried to lay him in bed.

Scary Dinosaur movie on Netflix.
 The boys all slept in the same room on trundle beds.  They all did a great job staying in bed...and it doesn't hurt that they were crashing pretty good after being very active all day.
Grandpa supervising quiet time

 Much of the week revolved around Grayson splashing Jackson by running around him.  Jackson loved it.  They had a blast.  If Jackson began to wander, Grayson would get upset and try to call him back to the water.  Unfortunately for Grayson, Jackson has a mind of his own and if he's got something else on the brain (like darting to the street or checking out the canoes) then there is little Grayson can do to get him back.

 I think swim lessons are in Jackson's near future.  We did some when he was really little, but now it is really time.  He has no real sense of safety in the water...as in...I can't swim, so I probably shouldn't go in over my head.

I love this photo...John vs. Grandma

What do you do with four boys when they need to burn a little more energy?  Laps...

Work starts up tomorrow for this momma...so its going to be full-steam ahead in this house again.  I will be squeezing in another post on Jackson's updates with therapies, school, etc.  Check back soon!