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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This last week marked Grayson's 7 months and Easter weekend...along with some significant exciting events with Jackson.  I can't believe the changes we've seen in Grayson.  He sits independently (still loses his balance occasionally, but he's officially a "sitter") and he's started to "crawl" although he only goes backwards at this point. 

I think it's about time for a new haircut...

 Watching the interaction between Grayson and his cousin John had all of us in hysterics.  Both boys were interested in each others pacifiers.

 Grandma had the wonderful idea of decorating some Easter cupcakes, however, Jackson didn't understand the concept of decorating a cupcake and not getting to eat the cupcake...so instead of helping he got a tasty treat instead.

Evan did a great job on the cupcakes!
Need any documents shredded?  We'll rent him out...

Hmmm...lets see if we can both chew on Sophie.

Ganging up on John

One of Jackson's favorite things is to watch me fold laundry.  He will literally stop whatever he is doing and sit and watch me. When I'm done folding...he gets angry and will sometimes try to get into the laundry basket or knock down the folded clothes so that we can fold them again.  His next favorite thing is to "do laundry" himself.  He will sit and shake out the clothes and then more on to the next article of clothing.

Folding laundry

Homemade bunny rabbit from Grandma

  Jackson has been so engaged in his flashcards, books, and signing.  It seems like overnight we finally saw him doing actual signs besides him clapping for "more" or "yes".   Below is a video of him signing "cracker" and "eat"...he's very food motivated...

 And here he is signing "banana"

Can't wait to update again...I'm hoping for some more fantastic signing and crossing our fingers that he gets his braces this week!