Welcome to our journey!

If you are new to our blog, you may want to start with Beginnings - Part 1 and Part 2 to catch you up to speed on Jackson's arrival on December 11th, 2010 (yup, 12/11/10).

Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 28 - 31 for 21

After getting the last minute reserves preparing for Hurricane Sandy (if you count Halloween candy, grading pens, and a pumpkin as emergency essentials), we brought out the pumpkin and got Jackson for a fun-filled pumpkin "carving" experience.
Unfortunately, he was more interested in chasing the cat.

Grandma sent these awesome pumpkin decorations for Jackson to decorate his pumpkin with.  He was more interested in throwing them on the floor, but they'll come in handy next year when he has a bit more interest.

So with a significant amount of Daddy's help, here's our Halloween pumpkin that perhaps we'll display in the window on Halloween (we do live in Baltimore...don't want it to get smashed).

On another note, Grayson is back on the pacifier...We tried out these Nuk ones that were given to me as a gift.  I had tried them once before since he didn't seem to want the Soothie anymore, but it had been a couple of weeks so I figured I'd try it once more and he took it right away...and then drifted off to sleep.  So if it's a comfort for him and helps keep the fussiness at bay, then we'll stick with the pacifier! 
Hope everyone stays dry from Hurricane Sandy!

Day 27 - 31 for 21

Ok...I'm cheating a bit here.  I barely saw these guys all day.  I spent the morning at the vet's office with our cat who is not doing well.  He may have a UTI, he does have a tooth abscess, and pancreitis.  And he's going to be checked again in 10 days, possibly with an ultrasound to rule out cancers.  It was a busy morning.

Then we headed on down to Annapolis to meet up with friends at the first annual beer festival, leaving the kids at my in-laws (thanks again Diane and Steve).  After waiting in long lines for 3 ounces of beer (we're talking a 45 minute wait per beer), we called it quits and headed out to get dinner at Lemongrass. 

After filling up on yummy food, we headed back to Diane and Steve's to find Jackson completely asleep on the couch (it was barely past his bedtime)...so he obviously was playing hard at Grammy and Pop's house.  Grayson was being fussy, but that's partly because it was getting close to his bed time too. 

So here's a few pics from the other day...playing in the basement with his brother.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Flashback Friday - Day 26 of 31 for 21

This picture was taken shortly before I returned to work after maternity leave.  I figured this was an appropriate choice for "Flashback Friday" since Monday I will once again be going back to work after my time home with both boys.  

Someone turned 2 months old today...

And he's slept through the night the last two nights!  Let's hope this pattern continues!

Therapy in Review - Day 25: 31 for 21

Highlights from therapy this week -

1)  Jackson makes a new sound... "ooo"...we can probably thank his use of the straw cup for assisting in this development since that promotes lip rounding. 

2) During special instruction, he participated well, was really focused and motivated while using a shape sorter...not to mention he did a great job getting the various shapes in their allotted holes. 

3) He "colored" during OT using this Crayola product. He loves music and this was his motivation to actually continue with the activity.  Although he did pick up a pen the other day that I was writing with and scribbled all by himself. 


Getting kicked out of the house for showings brings on its own challenges...but luckily I've been able to hide out at my sister's house a few times.  Jackson gets a chance to play with the dog (once he gets over her loud barking that scares him).

And we get a chance to see cousin John (Evan's at day care) and marvel in how big he is compared to his "older" (one day older) cousin Grayson. 

Cousin John
Of course in classic baby fashion, I was unable to get a photo of the two of them together since one was either asleep or crying at any given time. 

That's all for now...busy busy busy!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23 - 31 for 21

A quick post today since we've been adjusting to Grayson's fussiness in the afternoon which doesn't leave too much time for blogging.  I think today has been better than yesterday, but he's still much fussier in the afternoon than in the morning where he naps mostly. 

So a few pics will have to do for today's post...

Thanks Grandma for the new bib for Halloween!
Daddy trying to calm Grayson down
Nighty night!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 22 - 31 for 21

Forgive me my grammar, but momma is a bit tired tonight and I wanted to squeeze this in before I head up to bed to hopefully get a little sleep before Grayson needs to nurse again.

The day started out just fine...we did our usual routine of breakfast then therapy.  While Grayson napped, Jackson played in the basement and when he woke up, the three of us went for a long walk.  We walked through the park and stopped by the vet's office to pick up food for the cat and then Safeway to grab a few things.  Then we headed back to the house, everybody a little anxious to get back.  The little ones being cooped up in the stroller and the Baby Bjorn and me tired and sweaty from pushing the stroller and carrying Grayson all over.  It actually went really well although I'll admit to being tense because I was worried the baby would fuss the entire time...but the weather was beautiful and the boys were great.

While the morning went well, this is what I was dealing with for the majority of the afternoon and evening.
 With brief periods of calm...

Keep your fingers crossed for a restful night.  Nighty night!

Day 21 - 31 for 21

This past weekend proved to be very busy for us.  We got the house straightened up Saturday morning and rushed out the door to go meet with Jackson and Grayson's new daycare provider.  We finalized the paperwork to enroll them on Oct. 29th and went over some basic info, like any heath issues and schedules.  Afterwards we headed over to the mall so Adam could get some new dress shirts that he desperately needed and Jackson could get a haircut...which he so desperately needed.

As in the previous post, haircuts are not a fun experience for anyone involved.  It requires Adam to pretty much restrain him so that he doesn't fling himself anywhere and I had to hold his head straight while singing three rounds of "This old man...".  Jackson cries and screams to the point that you are sweating through your clothes and mentally urging the hair dresser to hurry up but don't accidentally stab my child with your sharp scissors.

I did purchase some clippers and sheers, but haven't had the courage yet to give him a haircut.  Perhaps for the next one I'll give it a shot...

We arrived at the grandparent's house where I took advantage and went for a jog.  We won't mention a certain football team that got embarrassed on Saturday afternoon...and then it was time for us to get ready for our first night out post-Grayson's arrival.  What better way to get out of the house than to celebrate someone's engagement party.  We had a blast celebrating Corrie and Lauren's engagement and catching up with some old friends!  Thanks to Adam's parents for watching the boys AND getting up with Grayson throughout the night!
Date night!
 Sunday was much more laid-back with two parents that were sleepy from a late night out. 
 Although that didn't stop this guy from creating a huge mess in the basement.

 He had boxed himself into the corner with all his toys!

 By 6pm this guy had passed out on the carpet from exhaustion so we scooped him up, gave him dinner and got him to bed.  Grayson was a whole other story.  He slept great during the day and then was up till about 10pm and wouldn't nurse after we attempted to give him prune juice (he has bowel issues).  He finally got a full feeding in after about 4 hours of fighting it.

It was a full weekend and we're gearing up for Mommy's last week of maternity leave and another busy weekend! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 20 - 31 for 21 (A day late)

Believe it or not, I didn't have a free moment yesterday to post...In fact, I tried to do a quick post from my cell phone while on the way to an engagement party with 3% battery power.  Needless to say, I had just gotten logged into my blogger account and my phone decided to call it quits.  So I apologize for being off a day. 

Here's what I was going to share about Saturday...

Little man needed a haircut.

 There was a lot of tears, but both Daddy and Jackson survived and now we have a clean-cut Jackson for a few months until it becomes a hot tangled mess again. 

Will post again later with today's post.