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If you are new to our blog, you may want to start with Beginnings - Part 1 and Part 2 to catch you up to speed on Jackson's arrival on December 11th, 2010 (yup, 12/11/10).

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Here comes Peter Cottontail...

Lots of firsts are in the midst...

Jackson's first Easter which required multiple Easter baskets...

One from Mommy and Daddy
One from Grandpa and Grandma Chwan
And a beach "basket" from Grammy and Pops
First time trying cereal...
Rookie mistake - tried to give cereal first, then finish off with bottle.  It was a no-go.  Marie, who watches him at daycare has successfully gotten him to eat cereal...bottle first, cereal second.  Live and learn.

First rolling over from back to front...I put Jackson in his crib for a moment and when I came back he had gotten himself all the way over to his tummy (although he still has his one arm kinda tucked under him).  I was so excited I cheered him on and didn't think to grab the camera. 

That's all for now folks...wish I had the energy to share some more photos...but so. very. sleepy.  Night night.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I don't have a green thumb...I can't grow much unless it doesn't require watering...  I did, however, plant bulbs that I received from my baby shower and with each day inspected them to see what growth had occurred (ok...in all honesty, I planted them and forgot about them...but who's keeping track).  So of course I quickly grabbed my camera to prove that I was able to grow two beautiful flowers.  Its amazing to watch them throughout the day where in the early  morning hours, their petals are packed tightly, but as the day moves on those petals bloom and expose themselves to the world.

Jackson is blooming and showing his personality to the world.  His smiles are delightful and I wait in anticipation for the giggles to follow.

He expresses frustration when he can't seem to do what he wants...whatever that desire is.  This is certainly a trait he has gained from his father. 
Grabbing toys and arching back...trying to roll over....
Very focused

But he continues to bloom physically...checking in at 13 pounds 13 ounces and 25 inches long at his well-baby appointment on Monday.  I am amazed at how fast the changes have occurred...going from his lowest of 4 pounds 12 ounces to the little man with chubby cheeks who gets upset when there's no more milk left in the bottle.

Days old
4 months old

So forgive me if I get a little hokey...but I enjoy watching this little guy bloom and grow.  It is truly a magical thing.  

Testing out the new Raven's pacifier

Early morning mirror time...

 Blurry morning smiles...Hello world!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Break

Those two words are only second to the words "summer break" and rank just above "snow day".  And this year I'm ever so grateful for 10 whole days away from teenagers.  Even though Adam will be away this week, I get to spend it with my favorite little man, who happened to turn 4 months this past Monday.
April 11th, 2011
  As a 4-month old, Jackson has made a new best friend with his thumb and while I know one day I'm going to wish he never had the habit, it is the darn cutest thing in the world to watch him do it.

Jackson also likes to bounce...of course you have to make some sort of bouncing sound effects to go along with this and you're almost always guaranteed to get a smile out of him this way (unfortunately still have gotten it on camera though).

Jackson has started to get a good grip on some toys.  Although he is certainly more interested in his hand most days.  He has this look where he purses his lips and looks with determination when he's fixated on something and if only I knew what was going on in that mind of his...

Bath time for the 4-month old...I think he's still ambivalent about it.  When I give him a bath, I entertain him with my beautiful singing voice (insert sarcasm) and its always the same song.  "Rubber ducky, you're the one...you  make bath time lots of fun...rubber ducky I'm awfully fond of you..." Repeat...since those are the only words I know...

And as we get dressed...I usually work in the "hokey pokey"...

As for Jackson's physical therapy...we now have an official time-slot.  I hope we make progress so that his reevaluation in May goes well.  He doesn't really enjoy PT.  Apparently, babies with down syndrome "have poor work ethic", and don't like being out of their comfort zone (who does, really?).  Karen, our physical therapist, says that babies with down syndrome are very sensitive and are like "Just love me the way that I am!!!"  So she does a really good job of working with him and allowing him to always come back to his comfort zone.

So its official...spring break has begun.  I'm going to sneak in one more cup of coffee before my boys wake up and join me for our first day of break.  I can't wait to dive on into that handsome man's beautiful blue eyes...

Happy break to you!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

PT for our JB...and a celebration for Great Grandma.

Friday was an adventurous day for Mr. Jackson.  I took an unexpected day off so that we could begin physical therapy.  Jackson's physical therapist, Karen, used her hands to mold and shape him in the right direction and I'll be honest, the changes are subtle, but by the end of the session he was orienting himself midline (temporarily of course).  She sometimes seemed a bit "new-agey"...for example, Jackson was getting hungry and she told me to feed him and she would feel his head.  I'm thinking she's going to feel his flat-spot, but no, she literally just holds his head and breathes deeply like she's trying to pass positive vibes from the palms of her hands to his developing brain (maybe she was).  She showed me some things to do between now and our next weekly session, so hopefully he'll be rolling over, holding that head up, and sitting up in no time! 

Saturday was a busy day for this momma.  We spent the early afternoon celebrating my grandmother's 80th birthday.  Jackson met some extended family and it was a wonderful excuse to get together and catch up. 

The Birthday Girl

Mom: "Do you feel different now that you're 80?"  Grandma: "I feel dumber"

A little help blowing out the candles

Having young ones in the picture reminds us of the simple things...

Like there's nothing like a good nap (especially when you don't get one)...

Balloons (or as Evan says it, bwoons)...

 Joy of a new, homemade beautiful blanket...

 Here's to hoping for a simple Sunday...Hugs and Kisses to Daddy who's in Florida.  We miss you.