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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer wind-up

Ok, so I know summer is not over yet, but I figured if I was completely honest with myself then this would probably be the last post of the summer (at least the last post before Baby Bennett #2 arrives).

4th of July (yeah, I know this was weeks ago, but I forgot to put these up):

So the 4th was brutally hot both for me and Jackson.  Jackson does not do very well in the heat unless there's water nearby to cool off in...so I wasn't very surprised when the heat of summer, lack of nap, and loud noises from the parade bothered him.

33 weeks pregnant

For those of you who think he's always happy...

Round 2 of the tears...Grammy tried to console him...

Trying to keep cool


Vacation 2012:

Week 1
Jackson and I headed south to go down to my parent's house in Palmyra, Va. for a sudo-staycation.  Adam unfortunately had to work and was going to meet us down there Thursday night so I was on my own for most of the week.

Jackson loves the water and splashing around...so it was quite an event when he pooped in his swim diaper.  We had an evacuation, bleaching, and wrestling match to get the pool cleaned out and Jackson cleaned up.  

Grandpapa and Evan building a tower together

Jackson eyeballing the action

Uncle Joel, Aunt Kim, cousin Evan, Jackson and I made the short trek to Charlottesville to go to their children's museum.  Most of the activities were not appropriate for Jackson at this point, but we made the best of the visit.

Such a ham for the camera!

One of the best activities they had was this play garden where you could "plant" and "harvest" the vegetables.  Unfortunately there was a camp that was not very well monitored, that hogged the toys and literally would go between Jackson's legs to take away his veggies.  I had to speak to a couple of the kids and explain that he was playing with them.  Since this was the only activity for him that he could really participate in it was really disheartening to have others ruin it.

Hi Aunt Kim and Evan!

We gave Uncle Joel and Aunt Kim a night out to themselves and headed out to the local Italian restaurant for some pizza and pasta.  Jackson fell asleep during the 10 minute drive and slept for another 15 minutes or so until we were finally able to wake him.  Both boys were well-behaved...in fact, Evan was quite the flirt, saying hello to everyone and batting eyes at the pretty hostess.

Evan taking Jackson for a ride in his Baby Buggy
(this video was suppose to be cropped down to 45 seconds, so feel free to not watch the whole thing)

Wiped out from all the beach fun!

Playing "So Big" with Grandma
35 weeks large :)

 Week 2
On Saturday we packed our things again and headed down to Duck, N.C. We were staying in the same house as the previous two years that included a pool, tiki bar, and a short walk to the beach.  Thank goodness for the pool as the heat occasionally was uncomfortable for me...so we would bring Jackson back to the house for naps and plop ourselves in the pool while we waited for him to get up.

Checking out his new pool complete with glow in the dark balls!

Our night to cook...prepping the appetizers!

Shrimp and Grits!

and wipeout....

The 5 boys...

Hey Pop!

Whatcha doin' Pop?

Our night to go out...family pic tradition

Finally the water was calm enough for Jackson to get in the water!

Could not make it to dinner

This vacation is completely exhausting!

So all-in-all, the summer has lent itself to a lot of fun in the sun and now we're winding down while we wait in anticipation for baby Bennett to arrive.  I'm doing the best I can to rest when possible in between keeping the house clean and Jackson entertained.

Next time I post, baby Bennett will be here!  Happy remaining summer to you!