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Sunday, January 23, 2011


It didn't feel like Christmas this year.  Both Adam and I expressed these feelings along with my dad.  It just didn't feel like it this year.  We had the Christmas tree up...I decorated around the house placing little trinkets around the house (the only time I allow myself to have knick-knacks all over the place), but it just didn't feel like Christmas. 

Perhaps it was the unexpected early induction...the week stay at the hospital...the monotony of my days with feedings, changing diapers, and more feedings...but for some reason it just did not feel like Christmas.  When the fall came, the one thing I kept saying was that I hoped Jackson would come before Christmas and I'm so grateful that he did even if that Christmas feeling was missing... 

So grateful to KC for the beautiful photos of our Christmas gift.  Check out his site at: http://www.sevensetstudios.com

Our little blessing under the tree

While the Christmas spirit seemed to skip our house, our home was still filled with love and generosity.  Jackson has been welcomed into this world with open arms by our amazing friends and family and this has truly made all the difference in our lives.  

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  1. Yay, for a new blog to read! When Jackson turns two and you can go back and read all the great things he's done, you'll be so thankful you started it...I go back and read mine all the time. I loved his birth story, I cried reading it!