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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Grayson turns 1!

August 26th, Grayson turned the big 1!  To celebrate we shared a birthday with his younger cousin (1 day younger to be exact) and it turned out to be a nice, relaxing joining of families to celebrate these little guys. 
 Our "beach party" had perfect weather, great company, and the cutest little munchkins you've ever seen.

 Grayson initially didn't seem too enthused with the party but after he got to explore a bit and go in the water he seemed to get into the party spirit.

 Jackson was content to spend time with family while brother was in the limelight.

Here Aunt Lacey...let me help you with Itsy Bitsy Spider...

This is how you do it...

Birthday boys ready to eat their cupcakes!

 Post cake bottle to help me relax while opening presents...

Hey there cuz.

John thinks he's super funny.

Happy birthday to our littlest.  We love you.

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