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Friday, December 27, 2013


On the recommendation of my friend Kim, we headed out this fall to Larriland Farms.  She had gone with her granddaughter and had a wonderful time and thought the boys would get a kick out of it as well.  We headed out there in hopes of picking apples and pumpkins. 

 We arrived to this great space with live music, yummy apple fritters, and plenty of space for our littlest to work on his running around. 

 Grayson would head straight for the water, of course. 

 It was my first time apple picking (that I can recall...I know I've been strawberry picking before) and I'd like to add it to our fall traditions.  Jackson wasn't too interested, but I think this is yet another thing that will be fun once he is able to walk on his own. 
 Grayson, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy whatever was in front of him... although getting him to pick apples off the tree and not off the ground was a challenge.  

 Once we collected a bag of apples, we had to drive back down the road to where they had the pumpkin farm.  We waited a bit late to go pick out a pumpkin, but there was still plenty to choose from although it was a much further walk. 

 Being a young walker, Grayson kept getting his feet caught in the vines, but loved exploring around the field. 

 Jackson got some practice with assisted walking.

Yes, that dark blue mark on his pants is pee due to a diaper that desperately needed to be changed (Parent-fail).

Looking forward to going back next year and perhaps in the spring/summer to pick our own strawberries.  Jackson enjoyed a pant-less ride home since his were soiled.  Whoops.

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