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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Back to Work...

So Adam made me write two posts, saying that I had to separate the oyster roast from going back to work...so this is for him.

This past week marked my reentry into work.  I survived...survived being the operative word.  Emotionally, I did okay if I do say so myself.  Monday morning I got ready for work went upstairs to say goodbye to Jackson and then realized that wasn't a good idea.  So a few tears, not too shabby.  But as anyone who is a teacher knows, once you are at work you have little time for anything else.  Lesson plans, grading, copies to be made, meetings...it never ends.  So this week went by very quickly, and with two very exhausted parents. 

A couple of highlights: 
I taught a class with my fly down.  I did realize it after the period was up and I'm pretty sure (and crossing my fingers) that my shirt was long enough to cover my fly.  Awesome. 

I was walked in on while pumping.  Yes, I had a "Do not enter" sign on the door.  They even admitted that they saw the sign and wondered why it was there.  Luckily, I was pumping on the side furthest from the door, so hopefully they did not get too much of an eye-full.  Awesome.

I began pumping without a bottle or bag attached to the pump. I only realized this after my brain questioned why I felt wet only to look down and see my pant leg was getting saturated with milk.  Awesome. 

But overall, I survived.  Adam and I made it to Friday and attempted to watch Toy Story 3.  We began the movie around 7:30pm...neither of us made it all the way through the movie. 

So I'd like to talk to my past self and smack them each time they said they were tired...because she did not know the definition of tired.  So this weekend we will hopefully catch up on some sleep, some housework, and some serious cuddle time.

Happy weekend to all...



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