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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Duck, Duck, Post

There's something about driving over that final bridge over to the barrier islands...that final stretch carrying the salty breeze with the excitement of time away from your busy schedule.  We were so lucky to be spending the next two weeks with our family, first with mine, then with Adam's.  And of course, we were looking forward to Jackson's vacation firsts. 

Why hello there, blue eyes!

Beach vacation always brings back fond memories of our days in Long Beach Island, NJ.  Of long days in the sun and sand.  Or how my mom would have to drag me from the water because my lips were purple and wouldn't let me back in until they were a normal color.  Or how on the first night, the men would take us to the beach while dinner was being prepared (and probably to burn off some energy from being stuck in the car for a few hours) and we would jump waves and pretend to fall down.  We'd leave the beach completely soaked in our clothing and thinking it was the greatest feeling in the world.  Or of our inevitable trip to the ice cream shoppe (most likely Honey Bubbles) and how at the end of the week we would walk down to the water with our leftover stale bread in hand to feed to the seagulls.

So of course these traditions should be passed on to our children and thinking that Evan would find this pretty entertaining, we walked on over to the beach to look for birds...

Any birds...
So apparently all the seagulls are either in L.B.I or in Ocean City, Md. because even the one or two that flew by were not interested in the tasty doughnuts we brought them.  Jackson was bored to sleep...

And of course what is more magical than seeing dolphins swimming by? 
These were so close to shore and instead of just swimming by, they were circling a big school of fish to feed off of.


Mommy and Daddy's Evening Away

Jackson learned to splash in the pool.  (I have about 30 more photos of him just splashing away)
Jackson and Evan had a few moments of bonding time.  Although it'll be a little more exciting for Evan once Jackson can sit up and play a little. 

"Well if Jackson is going to lay on the blanket, then so am I"
We also convinced ourselves it would be a great idea to walk and get ice cream with the boys before bedtime...in the heat...and humidity...the boys in their umbrella strollers and the sweat dripping down our backs.  Ah, traditions...  
And just try to get two young children to take a picture...
When the second week arrived, we literally had to cross the street to move ourselves from the condo to our house we'd be staying in for the second week.  It was so easy.  We had an overlap of one day of the Chwan's week with the Bennett's week so we merged our families for the evening munching on crabs and sharing stories from the week before. 

Hey there, Grandpa.

Check out my two teeth
When Jackson wasn't in the pool, napping in someone's arms, or rolling around on the beach blanket, he was playing in his peapod.  I highly recommend to anyone who has little one's that need a comfy place to be.

A year ago, we stood out on the deck of this very beach house and took a picture of us.  Many times it was brought up over our vacation, "Remember last year when we were talking about how Jackson would be with us..."  And now he's here. 

By the way, Jackson thinks I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Just sayin'.

We had a good time...until next year.  We'll be back.


  1. Awesome pictures becky - he is such a happy baby. Thank you for sharing. We really need to catch up.
    Lots of love,

  2. I love the look he's giving Grandpa. He's given me that look a time or two. It's like he's studying our faces to remember how much we love him. What beautiful pictures Becky. I LOVE that little man.

  3. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of your fun vacation. Love the photos. Jackson's video playing in the peapod is so cute. he's an active little guy. Where did you go on vacation? Perhaps I should know this but for some reason I missed it...

  4. @Gretchen - We went to Duck, NC. Spent two weeks...it was fantastic!

  5. Kerry & I were just thinking about you guys when we found your blog! You have a beautiful family & Jackson is adorable. We hope you're doing well!! All the best, Abby & Kerry

  6. Lovely photos! He is such a pretty baby!