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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Birthday Post

Today I went back and read Jackson's birth story.  I hadn't read it since I wrote it almost a year ago...it brought it all back like it was just yesterday and I'm so grateful that I took the time to write it down.  It felt amazing to relive Jackson's first cries, seeing Jackson only days old, and remembering how when we finally got to take him home, we were three.  Pregnancy takes you on a journey that for most new mothers is very similar, but it is distinctly your journey.  Those 9 months carrying a child are spent wondering who that child will become and dreaming of who they might be.  And that hasn't changed one bit in the last year. 

I will never forget the words that my doctor said when I went to him after our NT Screening with our 1 in 5 risk of a child with Downs Syndrome.  He said, "This will be the best baby you ever have"...and he was right. When Jackson was born, everything changed and I cannot imagine a life without him in it.  We may have our own challenges, but he is the most amazing thing Adam and I have ever done. 

Today, I have taken a break from looking to the future and worrying about appointments, or schoolwork, and I've allowed myself to sit back and remember and reflect upon the last year.  To paraphrase a dear friend, "Having kids is almost painful, you love them so much."

So today, we allowed ourselves to be in the moment, see the curiosity and wonder through Jackson's eyes.

First time in the big boy tub.

Checking out his birthday present from Re-Re (his daycare provider)

You're suppose to eat this stuff, right?

Opening his gift from the Ebare family (Carson is one of his daycare buddies)
First gift from Mommy and Daddy

The final monthly shot!

Not too big of a fan about having dirty hands.

So Big!
Happy birthday Jackson...You have blessed us with so much.  We love you more than words can say.


  1. Sniff....sniff.....he has brought joy into many peoples lives. So glad you guys had an enjoyable day. Seems like it was just perfect. Happy Birthday Jackson!!! Love, The Ebare family

  2. Well, reading this blog officially brought my first wave of home sicknesses as i cried all the way through it. Thanks Becky for posting and keeping us updated from a million miles away. You are right, what a tremendous blessing this little guy is to our entire family. We miss you and Adam, but really miss Jackson ( you understand, right?) . Please don't forget to whisper to him an occasional reminder that his aunt and uncle love him very much! Happy 1st Birthday Jackson!

  3. He said, "This will be the best baby you ever have" what a wonderful doctor!! there need to be more like him!

  4. Can't believe he is one already! I always say that being a parent is the most beautiful pain you will ever feel!!!! We love him. The girls have a gift ordered for him, but it probably wont come for about two weeks :)