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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Chock full of thankfullness

As you probably have noticed (as some family members have pointed out) I fizzled out the last few days of the blog challenge.  Things got a little busy those last few days...but I can honestly tell you that we have a lot to be thankful for this year.  And for those who felt short-changed those last few days of October, there are quite a few pictures in this post to hopefully make up for missing those last few days...

November has proven quite busy as I jumped back into being a working mom.  It was a strange adjustment having never met my students, but they quickly inducted me back into the classroom and have transitioned well from the long-term sub to their full-time teacher.  My days continue to fly by, never having enough hours in the day to get everything done and our routine is a little different from last year.  We started a new day care for both boys and I can honestly say that I am much happier with our choice in child care.  I stay 30 to 45 minutes longer at work, as compared to last year, so I can maximize on my time away since I quickly discovered that it is a futile effort trying to get work done at home.  This way, when I'm home I can be more present for both of them.  I'm grateful that their new caretakers have allowed Jackson's therapies into their home which alleviates one less stress on me to rush home from work to meet them at our house.  I'm ever so grateful that Michelle and Wayne have welcomed Jackson into their home and treat Jackson just like any of the other children.  The other day Michelle showed me pictures of Wayne reading to the kids and Jackson was right up front paying attention and listening intently...and most importantly he was included...  To know that both children are happy and well-taken care of while you have to be away from them makes it so much easier.

This Thanksgiving marks the first since my grandmother passed away...so it was so important for us to come together as a family and enjoy one another's company.  Her presence was missed but we know she's in a better place and smiling down on us. 

We started our Thanksgiving at Charlestown Village where my grandfather lives.  Round 1 of food began with all the typical Thanksgiving foods, plus pumpkin pancakes with a roasted pecan syrup...
Poor Evan had an allergic reaction to what his parents believe may be tree nuts the day before..so his rash from head-to-toe got redder and more pronounced as the meal went on since he had a little of the syrup.

Eric with Baby John

Jackson with Aunt Holli

Grayson giving everyone the stink eye.

Who's mocking who?

Thanksgiving round 2 began over at my in-laws where Grayson met some of his relatives for the first time.
Meeting Great Grandma and Ally for the first time.

Adam was in charge of the fried turkey that went with the more traditional turkey. 
Daddy and the fried turkey!

Jackson missed our dinner since he desperately needed a good nap...when he woke up he just wasn't ready to join the public just yet...so cuddling with Pop was needed.  (He's still not 100% since this ear infection hit)
Cuddling up with Pop after his nap

Enjoying some Thanksgiving grub...mostly mixed with apple sauce so that he would eat it (although he did eat Round 1 foods...not too interested in the turkey...but loved the sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc.)
Eating Thanksgiving dinner

Instead of going out with the shopping crazies on Friday, we headed over to my sister's for a post-Thanksgiving Italian feast. 
Baby John napping

Grandpa showing Evan something on the computer

Definitely 100% turkey!
All tuckered out...
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  We feel very blessed over here! 

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