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Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 28 - 31 for 21

After getting the last minute reserves preparing for Hurricane Sandy (if you count Halloween candy, grading pens, and a pumpkin as emergency essentials), we brought out the pumpkin and got Jackson for a fun-filled pumpkin "carving" experience.
Unfortunately, he was more interested in chasing the cat.

Grandma sent these awesome pumpkin decorations for Jackson to decorate his pumpkin with.  He was more interested in throwing them on the floor, but they'll come in handy next year when he has a bit more interest.

So with a significant amount of Daddy's help, here's our Halloween pumpkin that perhaps we'll display in the window on Halloween (we do live in Baltimore...don't want it to get smashed).

On another note, Grayson is back on the pacifier...We tried out these Nuk ones that were given to me as a gift.  I had tried them once before since he didn't seem to want the Soothie anymore, but it had been a couple of weeks so I figured I'd try it once more and he took it right away...and then drifted off to sleep.  So if it's a comfort for him and helps keep the fussiness at bay, then we'll stick with the pacifier! 
Hope everyone stays dry from Hurricane Sandy!

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