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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Vacation Number 1 - Trip to the Lake

Such a difference between a year ago and now...We have two walking children (even if Jackson isn't 100% proficient) and they are able to communicate important needs.  Grayson more clearly, unless he's having a tantrum, and Jackson can direct you for the most part. 

It was a really nice week...a really fun week...and a really hard week.  Grayson has a lot of mommy-itis when it comes to spending time with my family which means he requires a massive amount of attention that cannot be filled by others shoes.  This also makes it hard on Jackson who would like a little attention from his momma here and there...and since Daddy wasn't able to make it on this trip it was all on me. 

Once the cousins arrived, a new set of problems developed.  Four young children, each with opinions on how to play with toys and some major sharing issues...mostly on Grayson's part.   
But for the most part, it was very busy and wonderful to spend time with the kids in the water and playing amongst each other. 
We bought "puddle jumpers" for both boys as Jackson doesn't seem to have much fear of the water and Grayson is very tentative at moments and at others he has no fear (like when he jumped in the deep end of the pool a few feet from where I was) so we hoped this would help provide some security in the water (and safety of course).  On the first day at the lake, Jackson made a bee-line straight for the water while I was putting Grayson's puddle jumper on.  I booked it to him just in time for him to lose his balance and fall in the water.  I did not attempt to go down ahead of the other adults after that. 

Grayson has been tentative in the water this summer but has made huge strides since not wanting to touch the water at the beginning of the summer.  By the end of the week, Grayson would float in deeper water by himself and even would kick to momma a couple feet away. 

Jackson did great as well...although does not have sense of his body and is not ready to be let go in deeper water.  He did lose his balance with the puddle jumper on and got submerged trying to reorient himself.  It scared him quite a bit but he recovered pretty quickly...a good reminder that these will not prevent drowning.
Speaking of drowning...this kid has no fear and does not realize his limits...He was constantly going deeper than he should and would get a mouthful of lake water in the process.  Puddle jumper became a necessity even though he didn't always want to wear it.

John also had an obsession with Jackson's shoes.  It's pretty funny considering they are specifically designed for children wearing braces and while camouflaged slightly as a regular sneaker, you can still tell that they are orthopedic. 
Plus they're on the wrong feet.
You know those moments when everyone is quiet and you know they are up to no good...a peak around the corner showed all the boys hovered over my iphone watching ABC videos.  Once John entered the mix the moment didn't last much longer.  But it was adorable while it lasted!

This picture explains how much of the week was with Mr. Grayson.

Brotherly love...for the moment.

End of the week...four boys watching "Signing Times" with a pooped Mom!

Looking forward to trip number 2 which should be much easier with Daddy coming along!  Very excited to see how the boys do with some ocean waves and playing in the sand...can't wait!

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