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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ramblings of an overworked mom...

So much has happened in the last three months...it has gone by so fast and we've been busy, busy, busy.  I had full intention on updating multiple times since we've had some big changes and big events, but as usual, life got away from me.  There is many a day that I wish I could have an ounce of the energy that these boys seem to have so that I can do a quick post...but sleeps wins every time (or house work or school work...bleh).

So we're going to go back a bit...to drum roll please... Easter!

Shortly before Easter, we headed over to Kinder Farms to participate in their Easter Egg hunt.  We arrived a few minutes late and missed the little kid hunt but at least the boys got to check out the farm animals and play on the playground for a bit. 

Thank goodness for extra adult eyes, because these boys are on the move!  Jackson going one way and Grayson going the opposite direction.  With Jackson's newly acquired walking skills he was plowing through the crowd to get to the Easter bunny grabbing onto anyone who was on his way to steady himself.  

We ended up having our own Easter egg hunt at our house with my family.  The kids had a great time!


 We spend a lot of time in PT working on walking...these pictures are definitely old...we were so excited about the distance he was walking (maybe 10 feet)...now we're walking probably 85% of the time.

We currently spend quite a bit of time not only walking, but working on stairs, walking while holding an object, and standing.  Most kids stand before they can walk...Jackson does not stop moving.  So even when he's not walking, he'll still be moving, shifting his feet, etc.  So we still have a ways to go, but for all intensive purposes, he is officially a walker.


One of the biggest events this spring was Jackson's surgery to have tubes put in and tonsils/adenoids taken out (for reasons I discussed in this previous post). We arrived bright and early at Johns Hopkins...and by bright and early, we're talking 5 am.  I requested their earliest surgery (barring any emergencies or infants, etc.) since Jackson wouldn't understand why he wasn't allowed food/drink.  Luckily all worked out and we were scheduled for the first surgery of the morning.

I went into the operating room to say goodbye as he was put under anesthesia and good Lord, I had to hold back the tears.  I knew that it was a minor surgery, but there is something so terrifying in the pit of your belly watching your baby's eyes connect with yours for understanding of what was happening and for those who know me...I'm a worst-case-scenario worrier.  And surgery, no matter how minor, leads much to the imagination. 

But as all things usually do, surgery went wonderfully.  Tubes were put in, adenoids taken out (and his sinus cavities cleaned out as they were filled with thick mucous) and those wonderfully enlarged tonsils were removed (something like 90% of the tissue).

I got a call from the waiting room that my presence was requested in the operating room since he was having a hard time coming out of anesthesia.  I walked into the room and Jackson was screaming, crying, and violently thrusting his body around.  It was horrific and an experience that I don't want to repeat any time soon.  This was by far the worst part of the surgery.  My presence did not calm him as hoped, and they ended up sedating him with some pain meds.  He eventually got himself calmed down and was able to drink juice (a great sign!) before we eventually were carted off to our PICU room for the night (we did an overnight stay since the tonsils came out).  Jackson eventually settled himself for a brief nap before a long night connected to the monitors and IV.

It was a long night (Jackson was so much happier once the wires were removed, and even more happy once the IV was taken out).  We were so thankful to be released and head home where we could get back our own comforts and recuperate. 
Oatmeal and pudding...a frequent meal post-op!
Jackson was quickly back to his regular energetic self.  It seemed like he was hearing better than ever and was imitating/repeating words that we had never heard from him in the past...such as the days of the week!

A Little of this...A little of that....

My cousin ran a half marathon in DC so we packed up the boys for their first Metro ride into the city...
Since we were only going to be able to watch her finish the race we figured we would take advantage of being in the city and hop over to the zoo. 

Mother's Day lunch with family...

Jackson and Mom-Mom

Grayson and Pop

Grayson kept picking grass (weeds) and "sticking" it on Jackson


That's all for now...I feel like this post just doesn't do the last few months justice...but this Momma is tired and wanted to get this post out there before two vacations hit and I acquire a bunch more pics.  Forgive any grammar or ramblings...its past my bedtime and I can guarantee I'm not going back to proofread.  
Happy Summer!

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