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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

 Yup...we did it.  First Mommy and Me swim class.  And you know what, Jackson did pretty well for his first time in a pool.  He did great initially...bouncing in a circle getting used to the water.  He even went underwater...twice! 
But he eventually grew tired of trying new things. 
 And we spent most of the time in our comfort zone...on Mommy's shoulder and thumb in mouth.
 But overall, a success.
 Don't be fooled...this is not a smile. 

And we're done...I think his favorite part may have been getting "bathed" in the shower.  Little guy was asleep before we got pulled out of the parking lot. 

Thanks to Grammy for taking some photos for us!  And hi to Daddy who wanted some pics of our adventure.  Mwah!

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