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Sunday, November 13, 2011


I keep thinking that I'm going to find more time to update my blog, more time to clean my house, more time to grade papers, more time to do laundry...more time.  The problem is... finding balance is really hard.  When a spend more time with Jackson, I feel guilty about neglecting work obligations and when I work on my work obligations, I feel guilty about neglecting Jackson.  The best parts of my days are the moments I get with Jackson but it makes my work life rather stressful when I don't get things done as in my pre-baby ways. 

Ok...vent over...


I love Halloween...and while our days of major Halloween parties are limited, we had to dress Jackson up in a costume and participate in the spirit of Halloween...  Even though he won't remember and can't eat the candy yet. 

Are we having fun yet?
We visited about 6 houses with Jackson's cousin Evan before tapping out for the evening.  Why did I think it would be a good idea to trick-or-treat around bath/bed time?  Memories...

And for your amusement...Jackson's latest trick!

And on 11/11/11...Jackson turned 11 months old...and this may be my new favorite pic!

Lots of exciting things happening in the next month and a half!  More to come!!!  Off to take advantage of naptime and get some things done!  Happy Sunday!

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