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Sunday, March 30, 2014

And we're walking...walking...walking...

I've broken my New Year's Resolution to post once a month minimum...so here's a super quick catch up post before I clean up the kitchen and the boys get up from naps.

Lots of good things happening these days.

Jackson started the RECC program here in Columbia and is doing great!  He's made some significant progress with participation in circle time, arts and crafts, using signs (and some words), and walking.  He LOVES the bus and can't get enough of it.  We are looking forward to continuing his progress in the summer ESY (Extended School Year) program where he will be in school Mon-Thurs mornings.

Jackson with his teacher on the "boat"...Getting him to sit on this is a big deal.
 In between school/work, errands/chores...we've been squeezing in time when the weather is nice to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.  Jackson is more interested in being outside now that he's walking more and more.  

 But mostly we enjoy the weekends (waiting for the nicer weather), wrestling on the couch, playing cars, watching signing videos, and simply making a big ol' mess. 

I peaked out the kitchen and saw these guys giggling at each other. 

 In an effort to expand Jackson's palate, I ordered Jessica Seinfeld's book "Deceptively Delicious" and Missy Chase Lapine's book "The Sneaky Chef".  We've tried a few recipes and although Jackson and have some mild success with it.  We do a lot of fruit/veggie pouches to get veggies in Jackson and since the pouches ranged from $1 to over $2 (which adds up quite a bit since the boys both love the pouches), I bought pouches and have made three batches of purees.  Between the pouch purees and the cookbook purees, I've spent the last two weekends pureeing my butt off.  I lead a very exciting life.
Spinach, pears, and mangoes.

Daddy on pouch-filling duty

Stawberry, banana, beet

Taste-testing - He liked it, but since it looked different than his usual bags, he was still hesitant.
Blueberry, banana, beets, and spinach (which kinda turned into a mousse...so we will see how it turns out).  There are no beets in my drink.
 This morning I braved the weather to go downtown for the 1st Race for Respect in D.C..  Proceeds benefited the 8 local DS organizations, which interestingly enough, DC does not have a parent group.  It was miserably cold, damp, and windy...but I'm glad I braved the elements to help support these fabulous groups.

Jackson is schedule for his surgery April 14th.  We are definitely removing the adenoids and they are putting tubes in.  The tonsils are a possibility depending on what they think while he's under anesthesia.  So between now and then we are going to hopefully enjoy some warmer weather and a smooth couple of weeks before my spring break (which begins the 14th). 

 And the highlight of this post is this video....please let me know if there are issues viewing...

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