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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lost: Mommy Mojo

Being back at work has gotten easier...I guess.  I'm finding my rhythm and establishing some sort of routine and somehow have made it "successfully" through 3 weeks of work.  But somewhere between Friday evening and Saturday morning, I seem to have misplaced my mommy mojo.  I usually find it by Monday, but Saturday and Sunday I have no clue where it went.  Lately my Saturdays and Sundays just feel off...I lack rhythm and routine and stumble through the day.  I feel like I can't read Jackson's signals and it leaves me feeling flustered inside and anxious for spring break (and the end of this school year).  I feel like because I don't see him much during the week that I can't read him as well on the weekends...and that causes us to be a bit out of sync.  And of course, I want to be that mother that knows exactly what her son wants and needs... 

Believe it or not, this was the beginning of tummy time.

There we go...that's better!

The good news is Jackson doesn't seem to fault me for it.  There are moments when he looks into my eyes and stares deeply as you talk to him about the day.  He looks at you so tenderly that you know he's glad just to be near you.  And just when I am questioning why he seems to be so fussy early in the morning when he never was before, I pick him up and he settles immediately into a deep sleep.  So I ignore the papers that need to be graded and settle into the couch for a long nap.

So just when I think I just don't get it anymore, Monday comes around and I find my mommy mojo again. With work there ends up being a routine of sort in the evenings.  And while I can't seem to get enough work done throughout the day, my routine with Jackson has gone pretty smoothly.

So that's all for now...my eyes are burning for sleep and 4:45 comes quicker than you'd think.  (And a quick shout out to Adam, who will be happy to have a blog update to read while he's away again, we love you)

Is that you, Daddy?
Hope everyone has a happy hump day and for all you mommy's out there, hope you haven't lost your mommy mojo!

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  1. Even at the best of times I sometimes wonder why I don't know what my kids need! Not all the time, but i definitely have those days...Love all these pictures of little Jackson! He is changing so much. He probably has the best, most expressive eyes ever!