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Sunday, April 3, 2011

PT for our JB...and a celebration for Great Grandma.

Friday was an adventurous day for Mr. Jackson.  I took an unexpected day off so that we could begin physical therapy.  Jackson's physical therapist, Karen, used her hands to mold and shape him in the right direction and I'll be honest, the changes are subtle, but by the end of the session he was orienting himself midline (temporarily of course).  She sometimes seemed a bit "new-agey"...for example, Jackson was getting hungry and she told me to feed him and she would feel his head.  I'm thinking she's going to feel his flat-spot, but no, she literally just holds his head and breathes deeply like she's trying to pass positive vibes from the palms of her hands to his developing brain (maybe she was).  She showed me some things to do between now and our next weekly session, so hopefully he'll be rolling over, holding that head up, and sitting up in no time! 

Saturday was a busy day for this momma.  We spent the early afternoon celebrating my grandmother's 80th birthday.  Jackson met some extended family and it was a wonderful excuse to get together and catch up. 

The Birthday Girl

Mom: "Do you feel different now that you're 80?"  Grandma: "I feel dumber"

A little help blowing out the candles

Having young ones in the picture reminds us of the simple things...

Like there's nothing like a good nap (especially when you don't get one)...

Balloons (or as Evan says it, bwoons)...

 Joy of a new, homemade beautiful blanket...

 Here's to hoping for a simple Sunday...Hugs and Kisses to Daddy who's in Florida.  We miss you.

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