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Friday, February 18, 2011

A Day in the Life of the "Single Parent"

Nursing, changing, napping...repeat...I survived!!!  Adam went away for his first trip since the little nugget arrived.  Not really sure who it was harder on, me or him, but we made it!

If it weren't for my crock pot, I don't think I would have eaten dinner that first night.  Perhaps Jackson sensed that someone was missing, but he required some extra snuggles before nodding off into dreamland.  I managed to eat my Hamburger Vegetable Soup without dribbling it over Jackson who watched me intently, patiently waiting for me to finish, just glad to be held.

So, in all honesty, it wasn't bad.  The biggest difference was the evenings, where I usually have an extra pair of hands to give me a break from changing diapers or taking turns holding Jackson so that the other person can actually eat dinner.  I have to admit, my diet took a beating though.  I've been trying to watch what I eat, but the last couple of days, it was whatever was quick and easy to  make (and a few sweets may have snuck in as well).

I'm glad that I got to experience the first trip while I was still home, however, I know that this will be nothing like when I'm back at work.  My biggest fear is the mornings where I need to get Jackson ready for day care and myself out the door to drop him off and make it to work by 7:10...but I have a few more weeks to worry about this until I find the reality of the situation right in my lap.

Jackson had another trip to the lab to get blood work done for his second-round of Thyroid screening. 
It's like he knew what was coming!
 I was shocked that he is now old enough to get blood drawn from his arm rather than heel sticks.  I held him while they put that rubber band thingy around his little arm to draw out his little veins...and I put on a brave face while they inserted the needle...and then I began to sweat as they struggled to get a vein and kept moving the needle around...ugh.  Poor thing was screaming away...I just wanted to whisk him away and yell at them to get a real professional to draw his blood!  So the right arm was a failure and they repeated the process with the left arm...thankfully this was a success and they were able to fill their vial.  Such a trooper!

Welcome home, Daddy!!!

So today Daddy is working from home and we hope to take a walk in the park to take advantage of this warm weather before winter temps sneak back on us and Daddy has to leave for his next trip tomorrow.  But now I have one trip under my belt, so I'm like an old pro already!  Nursing, changing, napping...repeat!

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  1. Becky, I've been a single parent this week too...don't be surprised if you see a similar post on my blog in the near future...I was doing well until yesterday then it all came unglued, not sure what happened? You look so pretty and I love the picture with just Jackson with just his little eyes peeking out!