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Monday, February 7, 2011


Three duffel bags, two pillows, diaper bag, breast pump bag, vibrating chain, play mat, toiletry bag, plastic bags filled with more toiletries, hair dryer/brush, purse, running shoes...

First weekend away from home and I must say, I did not forget anything (unless you count body lotion for me).  Some things got used quite a bit (Jackson's play mat), while some didn't get used at all (my running shoes), but all-in-all, one thing is for certain...we need to invest in a car top carrier for our two weeks at the beach this summer. 
Jackson did a good job this weekend, although he was a bit "off".  His vibrating chair was definitely not a replacement for his swing at home, but Jackson was able to take a few catnaps in his chair giving mommy a brief break from feeding him and trying to get him to take a good nap. 
 We continued to practice raising our head.  Jackson's neck is getting real strong and if you're not careful he'll whip that head around! 

 I always say I'm going to take more pictures at family/friend gatherings...but between feedings and rocking Jackson I neglected to get many.  I did sneak in a picture of my adorable nephew, Evan (who wants pictures of adults anyway!).  He has a devilish grin, loves to point things out to you and is keeping his parents on his toes with all his walking around and exploring!

So the reason for our visit...my Dad's birthday...and it had been too long since we've been down to visit anyhow!  We never go hungry when we visit my parents and we got to eat like it was Thanksgiving (no really, we had a Turkey and all the fixins'!)...and I discovered that all that food is just as good lukewarm since Jackson decided it was his turn to eat just when we were all called to the dining room table. 
 Point of this picture...absolutely nothing.  Just look how stinking cute he is.   
As we all know, there is just nothing better than your own bed.  Well, Jackson feels the same way...after a four hour drive home in which he slept the whole way, he greeted his mobile "friends" (just look how happy he is to see them) and fell asleep for another four and a half hours.  I know he's only 8 weeks old, but he must sense comfort and all the familiar smells and know that he's home. 

So its back to our little "routine" that we have and while its much easier to shower with 5 other adults available to snuggle your fussy baby, its good to be home and be in our own beds.

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