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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Day!

Let me first begin by sharing a picture that made me laugh..
I just love the contradiction between the book and video game...and in Adam's defense, I have Epic Mickey for the Wii down in the basement (not that it has gotten much playing time since I got it for Christmas). 

Ready for my Well Baby Appointment!

So Jackson had his 2 month Well-Baby appointment on Valentine's Day...he's up to 10lbs. 14 ounces and is 22 1/4" long.  He has moved from the 5th/10th percentile to the 20th/25th percentile (although he still has a small head - only 5th percentile...so he doesn't take after his Daddy on that one!).  For the most part, the visit was uneventful, which is good...means a healthy baby.  We have been instructed to rotate him when he's sleeping in his crib because his one side of his head is getting a little flat...but all-in-all he's doing great!  The big event - this was the multiple vaccine day.  Two shots in the thigh and one by mouth.  Man that boy can holler when he's unhappy.  Luckily the nurse was quick and efficient and once he got some snuggles from Mommy he was just fine.  The nurse warned me that he may develop a fever and/or may have an uncontrollable crying fit and/or may have problems feeding and then sent us on our way...

However, Jackson slept the entire way home and he ate just fine...And it was positively too nice to stay inside, so thinking it would be fantastic to take Jackson on a walk to Rite Aid to get some Tylenol Concentrated Infant Drops (just in case)...I strapped him back in his car seat and got the stroller moving...and good God...it was windy out.  Just when I was thinking that this was a horrible idea, Jackson started to drift off and I was determined to make it to Rite Aid and back. 

With just a few blocks to go, Jackson was not happy...I kept telling him that we were almost home and picked up the pace to get him inside and snuggle his worries away.  I have only used the stroller once before, but man, I folded it up like a pro and whipped him back into the house...only to have his cries get worse and the nurse's words of warning creeping in my brain.  Poor thing was just not happy...I got him to nurse, crying his way through his feeding and finally drifting off to sleep, whimpering here and there. 

Jackson then proceeded to sleep for the next 5 hours!  I felt his forehead and cheeks periodically, but his cheeks were cool and he seemed peaceful, resting off in dreamland.  Our little nugget probably would have slept longer if I hadn't scooped him off to bed at 9pm (he then slept till 6:30am)!
So here's hoping to a more normal day today.  And while Valentine's Day was very different from past years...we enjoyed a Chinese food dinner and tried to stay awake on the couch (don't worry, the parents went out Saturday night to celebrate).  Adam surprised me with a beautiful flower arrangement that got delivered to a house down our block and I received some packages due to some on-line shopping last week (a good reason to go back to work soon perhaps!). 

Beautiful bouquet!

My Treasure Necklace 

Not sure which package I was more excited about...my necklace, sweater saver, or cleaning solution to get rid of deodorant "pit stains".  Haha!

So that's all for now...hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day and shared there love with someone whether it is a spouse, friend, or family member.  I feel so blessed to have two Valentines in my life now and am very grateful that I was able to snuggle with them both...my cup runneth over.

Love to all...

Jackson's First Valentine's Day card from Mommy and Daddy
Grandma and Grandpa Chwan's Valentine's gift to Jackson
"This Little Piggy" from Grammy and Poppo Bennett


  1. I just wrote a really long comment, that wrapped up with Jackson is so cute when he sleeps. I don't think it worked, so this comment is lame comparison...but, seriously he is really cute!

  2. I miss my boy!!! and my wife!!