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Friday, February 11, 2011

Two months!

Two months!  Where does the time go?  Holy Moly!!!

Two months today!  Jackson's gift to me was sleeping for 7 hours last night!!!  Then he got up, had breakfast and spit up all over me.  But hey, I got 7 hours of sleep STRAIGHT!!! 

So because he's becoming a little man, I felt the need to put him in "little man clothes".  Also, gotta get him in the outfit before he grows out of it...hey, most days I keep him in onesies...I mean, if Mommy gets to stay comfy in her PJs then why can't Jackson (plus, less laundry for me). 

From this picture, I don't think he likes his "little man clothes"...in fact, he's already spit up on his sweater...

So its been a good month.  Jackson has been healthy, he seems like he's exactly where he needs to be physically...he's starting to smile...he's tracking things...he can lift his head for short periods of time...a good month!  Mommy and Daddy have actually had two nights out and have had great visits with family!

Jackson looks so tiny in cousin Eric's arms!!!

Looking adoringly at Aunt Holli and cousin Elli

We've spent the month grabbing onto little things...sweaters, fingers, rings...

You better watch out bug!!!

 And sometimes he wiggles around and bats at things so much that it makes him sleepy...

So where does the time go?  There is many a day that I feel like my house should be dust-free, clean as a whistle, spic n' span...but it usually is a good day if I get a load of laundry done and the dishes cleaned.  And I usually wonder if Adam wonders why he comes home to a house that looks just as chaotic as it did when he left...

So yesterday I told Jackson that we were going to hang out in the bedroom so I could finally clean out duffel bags from our weekend trip (four days ago) and put away laundry.

 But he hates the Boppy...this lasted about a minute before we aborted this for laying on his back...

But nope...he was not enjoying this...so we left the room a mess with laundry all over the place and bags still full and came downstairs to snuggle on the couch and that was exactly what we both needed...and you know what...the laundry can wait just a little bit longer. 

To be honest, I'd rather snuggle on the couch...who wouldn't.  And I'm going to continue each day to try to be productive because otherwise nothing will ever get done.  But I'm also going to try not to be hard on myself when the laundry doesn't get folded or the mail sorted and bills filed away (Ha! That never got done pre-baby anyways!). 

So that's all for now....so I have a few minutes to spare before Jackson will want to eat again.  I'm going to stare at his little face and wonder what he's dreaming about...the breakfast dishes can wait...

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  1. The one thing that I was totally unprepared for in terms of parenting was how fast it goes. I can't believe he is already two months old. The pictures of him sleeping are my favorite..I can't believe how much he looks like Adam!