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Friday, February 25, 2011

In his own time

Knowing how important it is to get started on early intervention for Jackson, I was so glad that we were finally able to have our appointment with Infants and Toddlers after a cancellation due to the weather.  I was surprised to wake up and find myself a little anxious about the appointment.  I think most of my tension was due to not knowing exactly what was going to happen at the appointment, but in all honesty, it was a strange experience and not one that I enjoyed. 

We arrived at our appointment a few minutes early and met with our case manager.  She went over the program with us and had us sign papers (lots of papers...she joked that we were buying a home).  Then the blitzkrieg began... as our case manager tried to hurry us along to the next room, I tried to quickly change Jackson and discovered he needed new clothing as well as a new diaper.  Once his emergency clothes were on, we went to the next room where a team of people sat just waiting to evaluate our little one (a speech therapist, physical therapist and developmental pediatrician, and a few others...don't remember their roles).  Jackson was placed on the floor and the firing squad began.  A one, a two, a two, a one... in between numbers, questions being asked of us and I couldn't stop that creeping feeling of being judged.  What answer are they looking for?  Where is this question leading?  As they scored our son, I just wanted to tell them, "He's perfect...leave him alone!"  They scored him when placed on his tummy after what felt like two seconds and I wanted to yell at them "he can do it, just give him a chance to!"  "How can you judge him based on only knowing him for a few minutes???" 

But if I'm going to be completely honest here, they were all very nice, they were there to help him and get him services that he may need.  Being an over-achiever, I've never liked being scored because I've always put a lot of pressure on myself to do well.  I have to remind myself that this is not reflective of our parenting or them viewing him negatively.  They are doing their job so that Jackson can be successful later on in life. 

So here are his scores (number is the month that he's presenting): 

1) Cognitive - 1 month
2) Communication - 1 month
3) Social or Emotional - 1 month
4) Adaptive - 2 month
5) Fine Motor - 2 month
6) Gross motor - 1 month

So the outcome of this evaluation?  Due to Jackson's condition, he is automatically eligible for the program.  He will be getting a physical therapist within the next month beginning with 8 sessions and a reevaluation in three months.  

Goals of physical therapy:
1) Normalize tone
2) Improve midline orientation (meaning he'll keep his head straight)
3) Lift head/chest in prone
4) Move in prone
5) Roll prone <--> supine
6) Prop sit when placed
7) Sit independently

Jackson will get there in his own time...and on a lighter note, check out his emergency outfit that day...

Medical update:  Blood work came back for his thyroid.  All is good!  TSH levels are down and thyroid hormone is up!  We will test again around four months!

That's all for now...gotta go work on some tummy time!


  1. I just hopped to your blog from Carly's post about your new(-ish) baby boy to offer my congratulations! What a beautiful gift Jackson is.

    My aunt was born with Down Syndrome, and her honest joy and love is something I aspire to. She died with my grandparents in an accident nearly 20 years ago; I still smile when I think of her and look forward to greeting her again!

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  3. Peter and I love your blog. It is a great way for us to know Jackson. We love all his photos--he is so beautiful!

  4. He is a gorgeous little boy, and just like ANY child, he WILL do things in his own time. You are very wise parents, acting early to get any assistance Jackson (and you) may need. Be kind to yourselves and never compare him to ANY other child. This is difficult to do, especially when you see your neighbor's toddler doing all kinds of stuff your little one hasn't even thought of yet. But don't torture yourselves with what he "should" be doing and simply enjoy everything he is doing. Why am I telling you all this, it's obvious you already know it. It's just the mother (and grandmother) in me. Blessings to you and your little darling.