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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Wind-down...

Day 7 of 31 for 21:

We woke up today to cool air and rainy skies...a significant change from the 80-degree weather just a few days ago...and a perfect day to drag our feet and prolong getting out of bed.  I managed to delay getting up with the baby till 8am, which is a rare treat and Jackson did the same for Adam.  I'm sure this had a bit to do with the lack of sleep that he had yesterday and the lack of sun filtering in his room.

It has proven to be a lazy day for me (not as much for Adam who volunteered to go to the grocery store only to forget his wallet causing him to leave a full cart at the store and returning to ridiculous lines as if we were about to have a blizzard tomorrow).  Today has called for comfy Uggs, cuddling with baby, and football food.

While we cheered on the Gamecocks yesterday, today we're enjoying some Ravens football!

Why use hands when you can use your feet?

Enjoy your lazy Sunday...

Oh and by the way...Adam informed me that our littlest is getting no love...so I promise to post some pics of Grayson ASAP!

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