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Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 27 - 31 for 21

Ok...I'm cheating a bit here.  I barely saw these guys all day.  I spent the morning at the vet's office with our cat who is not doing well.  He may have a UTI, he does have a tooth abscess, and pancreitis.  And he's going to be checked again in 10 days, possibly with an ultrasound to rule out cancers.  It was a busy morning.

Then we headed on down to Annapolis to meet up with friends at the first annual beer festival, leaving the kids at my in-laws (thanks again Diane and Steve).  After waiting in long lines for 3 ounces of beer (we're talking a 45 minute wait per beer), we called it quits and headed out to get dinner at Lemongrass. 

After filling up on yummy food, we headed back to Diane and Steve's to find Jackson completely asleep on the couch (it was barely past his bedtime)...so he obviously was playing hard at Grammy and Pop's house.  Grayson was being fussy, but that's partly because it was getting close to his bed time too. 

So here's a few pics from the other day...playing in the basement with his brother.

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