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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Two for Tuesday!

 Day 9: 31 for 21!

While the days can feel remarkably similar, there is usually something within the day that makes it different from the previous day.  Like today...both boys were sleeping at the same time, briefly, and I was able to clean up the kitchen.  I don't always get those moments...so I jumped on the opportunity to straighten up, unload the dishwasher, and reload it...oh, the excitement (it's the little things in life)!

There's a balance that normally takes place in our daily routine.  Jackson is typically laid-back and easy-going whereas Grayson is much more high-maintenance for obvious reasons.  The balance that we try to maintain works well mostly due to Jackson's demeanor.  For instance, when I heard him playing in  his crib around 7 this morning and the baby wasn't up, I turned the monitor off so the noises from him playing in the crib wouldn't wake the baby and then I accidentally fell back asleep.  So at 8 when the baby still wasn't up, I quickly went over to Jackson's room and he was still calmly playing in his crib.

When Grayson is crying, Jackson remains calm and carries about his business.  He occasionally watches with curiosity...even sometimes touching the baby, whether it's a not-so-gentle tap/scratch on the head or a simple touch with his index finger.  Just enough to check him out...

 This delicate equilibrium can get thrown off if just one of us is off.  Take last weeks trip to the doctors for instance.  We got caught in a downpour, arriving soaking wet which resulted in a frazzled mama, a super unhappy toddler, and a mildly upset baby only to turn rapidly into a super frazzled mama, a cranky toddler and a screaming baby.  I think Grayson cried throughout the entire appointment and Jackson wasn't much better, crying off and on as well.  I could barely hear myself think. 

Luckily, today the balance holds steady...

6 weeks old!

A little half-smile!

Trying out the Bumbo for the first time!

Using my straw cup like a big boy!
Sometimes a little dribbly...we're working on it!

Tomorrow we will try our hardest to maintain our balance when we go back to the doctors to check on Jackson's ear infection (he's still playing with his ear, so I'm worried it's still infected).

Wish us luck...

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