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Sunday, October 14, 2012

A trip to the park

This morning we had two showings on our house, so we got the boys' things together and headed over to the park.  The park will most definitely be one of the things that we will surely miss when we eventually do leave the city.  It's only a couple blocks away and it is beautiful on days like today where the leaves have started to turn colors, the air is cool and there's no humidity.  Along the park is a coffee shop, Patterson Perk, so we stopped there to pick up some breakfast and then headed over to one of the playgrounds within the park.

We've never taken Jackson to this playground.  I had attempted to take him to the swings, which he did not like and he still couldn't sit properly in the seat.  That was a long time ago and we hadn't been back since.  Because Jackson has been behind developmentally, his physical progress has been more and more exciting for us as parents.  I think the biggest reason that we are anxious for Jackson to walk (and talk) is so that he can better interact with his peers. 

Checking out the tunnel.

Daddy putting his shoe back on...for the umpteenth time.

We get excited when he's able to participate more fully in activities.  We know that Jackson will do things when he's ready and that all kids develop differently and at different rates, but when your child is behind on many significant milestones it is a wonderful feeling to see those milestones finally being reached.
Crawling on the wobbly bridge

Climbing up the step

Soon enough he's going to surprise us with those first steps and knowing him, then he'll be off and running soon afterwards.  And as for today, his crawling and climbing was enough for him to participate and enjoy the playground.  It made for a good morning. 

Nighty night.

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