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Friday, October 5, 2012

Flashback Friday: Jackson's "Blue Steel"

Today is Flashback Friday for Day 5 of 31 for 21 and I wanted to share one of my most favorite pictures of Jackson:

This picture remains the background photo on my cell phone and I don't have any plans on changing it any time soon.  Jackson was probably only a few weeks old in this photo and it is one of those pictures that always makes me smile.  I'm sure it was posted at some point on the blog...but it definitely deserves a repost for "Flashback Friday".

We call this photo his "Zoolander 'Blue Steel'" pose...I'm pretty sure he can give Ben Stiller a run for his money with his version!

Jackson may now be nearing 22 months and its hard to remember him ever being quite this small, but this picture will always remain in my favorites. 

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