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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baby with DS is not considered Vogue.

Just finished an article in October's Vogue about a couple in their long journey in adopting a baby.  The couple had finally found a family after many frustrations and disappointments.  They went across the country to meet the little one only to discover that the baby had Down syndrome.  The couple ended up leaving the baby at the hospital and I'm assuming will try to find another one that fits better with the image of what they were hoping for.  Obviously this is their right, but when I read this quote upon their decision to leave, "What I thought about was Lisa alone in her empty room, and returning to our own room one thousand miles away, empty too," I'm saddened that yet again a child is left behind because of their chromosomal makeup, unwanted, uncared for...just because of an extra chromosome.  Its hard for me to read things like this because I picture a child that looks just like my Jackson and I wonder, why wouldn't anyone want him...how could you leave him.  Don't get me wrong...I don't judge this couple...they had the same emotions that many of us have felt when we found out that we had a child with DS.  The difference is, it isn't their child...yet...and so they walk away.

This article confirmed in my heart what this month is about.  Each day the old-notions of what it means to take care of an individual with DS and for what it means to be an individual with DS are changing.  These beautiful individuals are playing an active role in society and will continue to break down stereotypes and barriers against them.  Down syndrome does not define who Jackson is...Jackson is a child WITH Down syndrome, not a Down syndrome child.  Jackson is defined by being...




He has the same emotions that you and I have.  He feels...




And most importantly he is loved and with this love he will do great things.


Here is a reference to the article that was printed in Vogue.


  1. If only your message had been Vogue. The price of being un represented has it's consequences.....This makes me so sad.

  2. Please email me this last Happy Picture! I need to print it off to hang up in our home! Love you all! ~Lacey

  3. It is so sad. The happy news is that there are people waiting to adopt the "unwanted" children with Down Syndrome. I'm so thankful for that part!!

  4. Your words are so true and Jackson is adorable. I read the article in Vogue and had a very difficult time not judging the couple. I wish their story had never been published. As part of a couple who has experienced huge challenges in getting pregnant, I absolutely felt empathy for the couple...but then I reached the last page of their story and I can't quite find the right words without sounding mean. How could they leave little Lisa? I only hope that that dear beautiful little girl found parents that were worthy of her. ~ Marci

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