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Saturday, October 13, 2012

The miserable cheerleader

This morning we woke up to crisp and clear skies...perfect weather for the Baltimore Running Festival.  Each year, we walk over to the park to cheer on the runners running the marathon and half-marathon, picking out the few faces that we know are running out of the sea of color rushing by. 

This year we only knew one of the runners, one of my dearest friends, Meg...(if you're reading this, I saw you, but you didn't see me!).  Adam headed down with our friend Jeremy about 45 minutes ahead of me so I could get showered from my first post-pregnancy morning run and get the baby ready to go out in the cool weather. 

When I arrive, I see Jackson with a tear-stained face and a miserable expression.  Adam tells me that he was having a great time until Jill and her dog Elvis arrived.  There's something about Elvis's higher-pitched bark that Jackson simply hates.  Add this to the sensory overload of the crowd cheering and the thousands of runners and you get one miserable toddler. 

We still love you Elvis!

Poor Jackson had to tough it out for awhile since the crowd of runners was too thick to get through and as soon as we were back to the house he was happy as a clam. 

Happy weekend to all!

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