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Friday, October 26, 2012

Therapy in Review - Day 25: 31 for 21

Highlights from therapy this week -

1)  Jackson makes a new sound... "ooo"...we can probably thank his use of the straw cup for assisting in this development since that promotes lip rounding. 

2) During special instruction, he participated well, was really focused and motivated while using a shape sorter...not to mention he did a great job getting the various shapes in their allotted holes. 

3) He "colored" during OT using this Crayola product. He loves music and this was his motivation to actually continue with the activity.  Although he did pick up a pen the other day that I was writing with and scribbled all by himself. 


Getting kicked out of the house for showings brings on its own challenges...but luckily I've been able to hide out at my sister's house a few times.  Jackson gets a chance to play with the dog (once he gets over her loud barking that scares him).

And we get a chance to see cousin John (Evan's at day care) and marvel in how big he is compared to his "older" (one day older) cousin Grayson. 

Cousin John
Of course in classic baby fashion, I was unable to get a photo of the two of them together since one was either asleep or crying at any given time. 

That's all for now...busy busy busy!

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  1. Love that second picture, Jackson looks super cute! May have to take back that "no haircut" opinion! Also good to see another couple choosing last names as first names for their kids! :-)